INSPIRATION, ADVICE, Training And SupporT For


walking the hills and moorlands

Helpful and friendly support for anyone who wants to be more active in the hills


Aimed at those getting started, young people, families, etc. With sections on the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme, Ten Tors, etc.


What do you need and how do you decide which is best?
Plus reviews of my own kit and why I like/don't like it.  


How to navigate and plan a route.
Learn how to use a map and compass.


Other skills that may be useful for those of us who love to walk.


Camping can be one of the most demanding parts of any walk. This section will aim to make it easier and more fun.


News and my personal opinions on things to do with the great outdoors and walking.


This site is about hill and moorland walking. There is information for beginners, as well as more seasoned walkers, and especially for those taking the Duke of Edinburgh's award and doing Ten Tors and their leaders. It is my hope that this site might provide some inspiration for young and not so young to get out on the hills.

Many studies have shown the benefits of hill walking and we who have done it for years can testify to the fun, as well as therapeutic, side to the sport. This is one of those sports that nearly anyone can get involved in because you can take it at your level. This site will provide some basic advice and teach you the basic skills for having a go; as well as more advanced skills and information.

I have a dream that every young person in the UK has opportunity to try hill walking and that maybe we can help enhance lives and build a better world through taking part. If you would like to help me achieve that dream then please get in touch or signup for the newsletter above.

Sometimes it is good to dream and more of us should want to get involved in making the world a better place.               

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